Data helping you support your marketing and business goals

Whether it is BIG, small, SMART, structured, unstructured… Data is taking an increasingly greater significance whenever making decisions, and running firms.

However, it is not always easy to identify which data is relevant to use and manage in order to make the most out of your tasks.
The Business Marketing Intelligence (BMI) team has a great deal of experience at its disposal in order to guide you. Their objective being to present you with tools allowing you to improve the ROI of your assignments and develop its profitability.

Maximizing cross-channel targeting 



After the use of an optimum sequenced message (ex: E-business)

Predicting behaviours 



With a predictive model and personalized reminders (ex: travel agencies)

Boost sales and create customer loyalty



And re-purchase due to a follow-up program adapted to individuals (ex: distribution)

Challenge us !


Using your figures (goods bought, CRM, web, mobile…) whatever the source is, and combining those with datamining solutions and learning machines with operating leverages.

For example, Relatia recovers data tracking tools online, which we cross with our information such as opening numbers or abandoned carts on sales apps. The data is combined and analyzed to track the customers’ trail. Moreover, our marketing teams can also set-up a mobile “Barometer”to allow satisfaction surveys to be taken. These can be sent through sms, mailing or directly in the app.

Increase your performance and maximize your actions whilst being in relation with expertized and multidisciplinary teams:

  • Marketing
  • Statistics & mathematics
  • DATA / Database Management

They work on different data sources and channels:

  • CRM/ Sales outlets
  • WEB & Social Networks
  • Mobile

Using the best solutions on the market 

Make the most of your cross-device tasks : Data is at your service